Airfield Safeguarding & Development
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Helping Airfields Develop Safely
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ASD offers a range of services that can help those on both sides of the airport boundary fence. Airfield operators will find services designed to help them outlined in the airport and SG Maps pages, while a page outlines services for the unlicensed, smaller airfield. Those planning developments or structures near airports (possibly out to 30km) will find details of how ASD  can save them time and effort covered on the planners’ page. Operators of licensed airfields will be aware of the requirement to protect the safety of their operations and the steps that they should take to do so. However, planners, architects, and developers may not be aware of possible limitations when considering sites near to airfields. For those that are uncertain of the meaning of safeguarding or how it could affect them, we offer the following short definition. It is the control of land use in order to protect the airspace over and around an airfield against developments that could adversely affect safe operations. All CAA-licensed airfields have to be safeguarded, some statutorily, and the advice of HM Government within legislation is that all unlicensed airfields should be safeguarded as well. For more detail on safeguarding, you should refer to the safeguarding legislation published separately for England and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.  
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