Airfield Safeguarding & Development
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Helping Airfields Develop Safely
HM Government and the CAA recommend that all airfield operators prepare a safeguarding  chart in order to help protect their operations. A safeguarding chart is a way for Local Planning  Authorities to filter out planning applications without having to refer them ALL to the airfield  operator. ASD has brought safeguarding charts up-to-date - no longer the large, unwieldy  printed versions. Using modern technology ASD does all the necessary analysis and then  provides files loadable directly into Google Earth® and GIS. This approach reduces the cost  significantly without compromising the accuracy. In order to model the safeguarded surfaces,  full airfield data will be required from the operator.  The CAA-recommended format is given in CAP 738 and charts prepared by ASD meet or  exceed all the CAA requirements. They show all the licensed runways and strips with their  approach and takeoff surfaces, horizontal and conical surfaces (physical safeguarding), and take  into account navigation aids (technical safeguarding) and other limiting surfaces.  ASD offers a choice of formats - colour-coded contours or grid squares, showing the maximum  height (AGL) to which building may take place without reference to the airport. As you would  expect, the contours allow a more precise assessment.   Contact ASD to discuss your requirements.
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