Airfield Safeguarding & Development
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Helping Airfields Develop Safely
Do you need advice on the safeguarding aspects of developments around airports?  Using our services early in the planning process can help ensure that structures are  designed to be clear of safeguarded planes and surfaces.  For example, where sites are safeguarding-critical, a matrix of maximum build heights,  loadable into CAD, can enable architects to plan safely within an envelope. Then there  are the other aspects of safeguarding that need to be considered - navigation aids, bird-  attraction, lighting, use of cranes and plant. Consideration of all these things in advance will greatly improve  the chances of the development being accepted by the LPA and airport.  Major high-profile projects over recent years include safeguarding advice and detailed obstacle limitation surface  assessments for large developments near London City, London Heathrow, and other airports. Advice  has also been given on a number of wind turbine developments. More details may be seen on the  projects page.  LOCAL PLANNING AUTHORITIES Sometimes it may be necessary for an LPA to seek independent advice when dealing with  the apparently conflcting requirements of airport and developer.  ASD may be able to  help.  
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