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Helping Airfields Develop Safely
 If you run a small, unlicensed airfield, HM Government advises that unlicensed airfields should also  be safeguarded, and in CAP 738 the CAA recommends that they are safeguarded to the same  parameters (CAP 168) as those that are licensed. Whether licensed or unlicensed, a fully prepared  and printed safeguarding map could well be unecessary and beyond your means. So ASD has  devised a cost-effective package, provided electronically, bringing safeguarding maps into this  century.  Using the airfield data, ASD completes an analysis, usually to CAP 168, and provides all the  plotting data, an overlay graphic, and various other files. These include one for uploading into  Google Earth® (GE), placing the overlay over the ground image of the airfield, at the correct scale.  This is the easiest way to use a SG map, enabling the user to zoom in upon the area in question.  The graphic uses a contour colour-coding system using height bands suggested by the CAA in CAP 738. With the  comprehensive instructions provided, it can be used to produce a safeguarding map overlaid on an OS map. A package can  then be presented to the LPA, together with instructions for its use.  As an optional extra, ASD can provide a GE 5mAGL contour overlay, enabling airfield operators to  easily assess the maximum permissible structure height (AGL) at any position. This is a much  cheaper, quicker, and easier method than expensive software solutions.   An additional source of advice for the smaller airfield can be found in the form of factsheets at the  GAAC website, for which ASD is honorary safeguarding advisor.  
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